HA Conference goes virtual

HA Virtual Conference

With over 40 speakers and over 35 lectures and sessions spread over four days this is going to be the best virtual history conference of 2020 – perhaps ever!

This year’s HA conference is virtual but as always there is something for everyone – from the enthusiast history lover to the professional classroom teacher. It’s online but you can expect the same great quality of lectures and workshops and many of the aspects you’ve grown to love from a HA Conference just delivered in a virtual environment:

Sessions – Over 40 speakers delivering pre-recorded sessions across a variety of subjects aimed at providing continuing professional development and subject knowledge enhancement. As the talks are pre-recorded, they will be made available to delegates in early November, over a week before the virtual conference begins, and can be listened to at your convenience. When you book for the Virtual Conference not only will you get access to the pre-recording, but you’ll be able to attend live talks and Q&As.

3 distinct pathways – General, secondary and primary strands provide specific content while still offering plenty of opportunity to cross over. Educational sessions will include speakers on content knowledge as well as pedagogical skills covering a wide range of areas such as medieval history and big picture history. Not afraid to tackle the difficult issues of our time, there will be sessions on diversifying your curriculum for the educational members as well as sessions on knowledge and understanding of African history and Black British History relevant to all delegates.

Leading expert – The virtual conference brings together expert teacher educators, academic historians and other historians including Christine Counsell, Paula Lobo, Richard McFahn, Robin Whitburn, Sharon Aninakwa, Hannah Cusworth, Arthur Burns, Rob Nixon, Angelina Osborne and Arthur Chapman, plus many more.

Interactive – Between Wednesday 11 and Saturday 14 November 2020 the conference goes interactive with the opportunity to book and attend live Q&A’s sessions offering lecturers and workshops encompassing networking and breakout opportunities

Keynote addresses – Keeping many of the speakers and workshops that were originally scheduled for the HA Conference in May 2020, lectures will include the speakers Professor Jonathan Phillips who will be talking about the Crusades and Professor Tony Badger who will be giving his last Presidential Lecture – on US political history (a few weeks from the latest US election) as well as sessions from Christine Counsell and Ron Hutton.

Networking opportunities – as well as the live Q&A sessions and discussion groups, join the HA Conference quiz and gain the chance to network with your peers and colleagues and test your history and general knowledge in what promises to be a fun evening – just remember to bring your own beverage!

How the HA Virtual Conference works

1. Sign up for the conference in the usual way. Once registered you will be asked to select the live Q&A sessions you wish to attend between Wednesday 11 and Saturday 14 November 2020. Sessions run on:

  • Wednesday and Thursday from 5pm to 8pm
  • Friday from 2pm
  • Saturday from 11am onwards.

2. On Monday 2 November 2020 delegates will be sent a password giving them access to the pre-recorded sessions. Delegates not only gain access to the recordings that accompany the live Q&A sessions but will gain access to ALL the pre-recordings from the conference whether they attend the Q&A.

3. Once you receive the password, you can watch the pre-recorded session at any time between Monday 2 November and Tuesday 10 November 2020 ready to attend the live Q&A sessions, that accompany the recordings, starting on Wednesday 11 November.

4. On Friday 6 November you will be sent an email confirmation listing all the live Q&A sessions you have registered to attend including the links to join the live conference Zoom sessions.

5. You have nothing more to do but log in at the appropriate time and enjoy the four days of the HA Virtual Conference.

All pre-recorded presentations will be available to view up to Friday 29 January 2021.

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