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Pearson is the world’s leading learning company, with a mission to help people make more of their lives through learning.

Whether it’s at home, in the classroom or in the workplace, learning is the key to improving our life chances. To this end, Pearson in the UK brings together leading names in education to provide a blend of content, curricula, assessment, training and technology to make learning more engaging and effective.

Find out more by visiting: quals.pearson.com/HA_history

Conference Sponsors

Hodder Education

Hodder Education is a leading History publisher for secondary schools. We have the widest range of resources for KS3, GCSE and A-level History, with support for every UK exam board, as well as international specifications. Our range includes endorsed/approved textbooks, digital resources, revision guides, workbooks and magazines.

We are also a trusted provider of professional development courses and student revision events, offering both in-venue and online programmes.

We are proud to work with a huge team of authors who bring a wealth of expertise across teaching, examining and initial teacher training. We love being part of the History community and working closely with you to ensure that we put teachers and students at the heart of what we do.

In 2023 we are thrilled to be publishing two ground-breaking new series for KS3. A new focus on… comprises individual topic books on Black Lives in Britain, The British Empire and British Social History in the 20th century. Changing Histories is a stunning story-based KS3 scheme created by Christine Counsell.

Find out more by visiting: www.hoddereducation.co.uk/ha-2023


We believe in the importance of not just learning history, but learning from history. AQA is a leading provider of qualifications and support for teachers and students, with a broad range of academic qualifications. AQA’s qualifications are highly valued by employers and universities around the world. They are taught mainly in schools and colleges and include GCSEs, AS and A-levels, the Extended Project Qualification and Technical Awards.

Find out more by visiting aqa.org.uk/subjects/history

Drinks Reception Sponsor

Hodder Education

Hodder Education is a leading History publisher for secondary schools. We have the widest range of resources for KS3, GCSE and A-level History, with support for every UK exam board, as well as international specifications. Our range includes endorsed/approved textbooks, digital resources, revision guides, workbooks and magazines.

Find out more by visiting: www.hoddereducation.co.uk/ha-2023


Age of Revolution

The Age of Revolution (1775-1848) educational project provides resources to help historians of all levels and interests understand how the period shaped the modern world. As a legacy initiative launched by charity Waterloo200 Ltd. in 2018, the Age of Revolution aims to enrich classroom discussions and activities by providing teachers and students with free resources crafted by historians and education specialists. From political conflicts and civil rights initiatives to life-changing discoveries and innovations, the project explores a variety of historical themes and pairs objects and artwork from museums across the UK with curriculum-linked ideas and resources for learners of all ages.

Find out more by visiting: https://ageofrevolution.org 

Cambridge Assessment

Cambridge Assessment International Education is growing. More than 10,000 schools in over 160 countries are part of our Cambridge International learning community. We are looking to support our growth by working alongside committed, passionate individuals who share our values and believe in the importance of high-quality education.

Find out more by visiting: www.cambridgeinternational.org/about-us/examiners/


Collins has been publishing educational and informative books for 200 years. Our range of market-leading resources support pupils throughout every stage of their school education, from early years to A-level.

Discover student books, teacher guides, revision and more below and at collins.co.uk, including award-winning Black British History Teacher Resource Pack.

cnd peace education

CND’s education programme engages thousands of school students across England each year. We empower students with knowledge on nuclear weapons and peace issues, so that they can come to their own conclusions on these crucial matters.

We offer:

o          Free, cross-curricular workshops and assemblies for Years 3 through to 13
o          Free, award-winning peace education materials, both online and to order
o          Free ITE and CPD training for teaching staff and students

Find out more at: www.cnduk.org/education


The ERA Video Streaming Platform contains over 5000 curriculum-aligned television clips taken from the best BBC TV documentaries and made ready for use in classrooms. Find hundreds of useful playlists to teach primary and secondary History including our popular collections covering Medieval Britain, Elizabeth I and Hitler’s rise to power.

Find out more at: www.era.org.uk

Historic Royal Palaces

Historic Royal Palaces is a registered charity, responsible for the care, conservation and presentation of HM Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace State Apartments, the Banqueting House at Whitehall, Kew Palace and Hillsborough Castle and Gardens.
Explore our schools’ programme and discover 1,000 years of history in some of the country’s most iconic historic palaces. Plan an educational visit, search for learning resources, and take advantage of our CPD and training opportunities for teachers.

Find out more at hrp.org.uk/schools

Holocaust Centre North

Holocaust Centre North seeks to raise awareness of human rights, freedom and equality by exploring one of the darkest chapters in contemporary history. We are dedicated to telling a global history through local stories by collecting, preserving and displaying the documentary evidence and testimony of survivors and refugees who built new lives as members of northern communities after the Holocaust. We make their stories relevant today through our interdisciplinary and creative programming.

Find out more at: www.hcn.org.uk

Imperial War Museum

No other museum tells stories that matter more than these. IWM’s
learning and outreach programmes aim to give everyone the
opportunity to understand, explore and debate the human impact
of conflict from the First World War through to present‑day.

Find out more at: iwm.org.uk/learning

NST Group

Bring history to life with an NST school trip!

NST is the UK’s number one educational tour operator for curriculum-linked school trips.

Our range of enriching KS3-5 history school trips inspire a deeper interest for your students, allowing them to learn in alternative and interactive ways. We create tailor-made itineraries, including our popular trip for students studying Medicine & Surgery on the Western Front, which is formally endorsed by Pearson Edexcel.

Take one of our History Subject Experts with you on your next history school trip – as former teachers with a detailed knowledge of the current curriculum and your trip destination, they can help take your students’ learning to a new level.

Find out more at: www.nstgroup.co.uk


We’re a leading not-for-profit UK exam board. As part of Cambridge University Press & Assessment, a department of the University of Cambridge, we have access to extensive assessment expertise.

Our accessible history qualifications can be tailored for delivery to suit students’ needs, inspire them to achieve more and bring the subject to life. The specifications are based on research and engagement with the teaching community. Our aim is to encourage students to become responsible for their own learning, confident in discussing ideas, innovative and engaged.

Find out more at: www.ocr.org.uk/subjects/history/


As part of one of the world’s great universities, we’re driven by a deep conviction that learning enriches lives. This shows in everything we do, across a vast range of books, learning resources, and educational support, developed by the brightest minds to inspire every learner to achieve their very best.

Find out more at: www.oxfordsecondary.com/history

The National Archives

The National Archives – Voices of the Victorian Poor resource provides access to 3,500 letters written by those who experienced the Workhouse at first hand and has supporting resources designed by our Teacher Scholarship Programme for teachers of all Key Stages 2-5. Find us on Stand 9 in the exhibition hall.

Find out more at: www.victorianpoor.org

Starbeck Education

At Starbeck Education, we take pride in our extensive history collection, which covers a wide variety of historical periods, starting from the Stone Age and going all the way through to the 20th century. Our history range includes a variety of artefacts such as weaponry, shields, helmets, arrowheads, armory, pottery, coins, and jewelry.

Find out more at: https://starbeck.education/


The PTI works to improve the education of all children. We provide unique, subject-specific professional development for History teachers and inspire them to provide transformational teaching for every child. We help teachers re-discover their love of their subject. We work with teachers to develop their confidence and network through our inspirational courses and programmes, developed and delivered by experienced teachers.

Find out more at: www.ptieducation.org

The Royal Historical Society

The Royal Historical Society is the UK’s foremost learned
society representing the breadth of academic historians and the
discipline of History. We support our Fellows, Members and
community on matters of advocacy and research policy; through
research support funding; knowledge dissemination (via lectures,
workshops and publications), and via professional recognition.

Find out more at: RHS | Royal Historical Society (royalhistsoc.org)


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