Press and Media

We are thrilled to have you join us at the Historical Association Annual Conference. As a sponsor or exhibitor, you can make a real difference to the success of your attendance at the Conference by using the event to promote your organisation before and after the Conference.

To help you to make the most of your involvement in the HA Annual Conference, we have compiled a promotional pack with resources to enhance your engagement and visibility. This pack includes marketing materials, social media visuals, email banners, suggested social media captions and a dedicated hashtag to create a unified online presence.

Please contact for the promotional pack.

How to use the promotional pack

1. Social media visuals: We have designed eye-catching visuals that you can use to spread the word about the HA Annual Conference on platforms like Facebook, X (previously Twitter), Instagram and LinkedIn. These visuals can be downloaded as a zipped file and uploaded onto your page. Don’t forget to include relevant information such as the date, time and website link for the competition. We also have a dedicated hashtag that you can include: #HAConf24

2. Email banners: If you are reaching out to your network via email, our pack includes banners that you can easily insert into your email signature or within the body of your messages. This will help to create a consistent and professional look for all communications related to the HA Conference.

3. Suggested social media captions: We understand that crafting the perfect message can be challenging. To make it easier for you, we have provided a list of suggested captions that you can use alongside the visuals or banners. Feel free to personalise these captions to make them your own.

4. Dedicated hashtag: We encourage all participants, educators and supporters to use the hashtag #HAConf24 in all social media posts related to the HA Annual Conference. This will not only help us to track and celebrate your contributions, but it also creates a unified online community where everyone can share their thoughts, experiences and excitement about the event.

5. Tagging the Historical Association: We would love to see your posts and engage with you on social media. To ensure that we don’t miss any of your updates, please tag the Historical Association in your posts.